From the August, 1978 issue of High Times magazine comes Gary Stimeling’s investigation into the world’s pyramids, followed by a sidebar titled “The Secret of the Great Pyramid Revealed,” written by Dean Latimer.

Like the curse of the mummy’s tomb, the mysteries of the pyramids refuse to die. As if in a fun house mirror they proliferate endlessly every time the true solution is announced. And among pyramids, none is more elusive or omnipresent than the Great Pyramid of Giza. If everything attributed to it is real, this 12-billion-pound monster is literally God, a limestone cowboy galloping through trillions of words of speculation and controlling human destiny by its awesome emanations since long before the first syllable of recorded time. In the 1970s, its American worshipers have steadily spread from their original homes in Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico.

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