Each morning many of us wake up in a panic. Others feel it at night and can’t fall asleep. It’s not that there are no words to describe the pandemic; it’s that we’re making them up as we go along. We can’t do this alone. We need human connection, and we most definitely need our weed. But just as 4:20 smoke seshes have gone digital, the way we use cannabis is changing. Due to coronavirus concerns over lung health, inhalation is out, and edibles are in.

Because COVID-19 testing availability is crap to non-existent, it’s hard to say for sure which cannabis users have it. “I’m still waiting on an antibody test to confirm, but I believe I first came in contact with coronavirus at the end of January,” says founder and “Chief Conspirator” of sex and cannabis club NSFW Daniel Saynt. “I got a fever and felt like I was getting pneumonia. It became difficult to laugh or cough without being in pain, and it felt like there was a knot in my lungs.” During this time, Saynt decided that it was probably best to reduce how often he smoked. “I cut out joints and went to edibles. I kept up with the edibles for a few more days, mainly to help me sleep at night as it was difficult to do so as my body was in constant pain.”

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